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Part 3 of my update... yes, these last three posts were originally one. I broke them up to post over several days =D

So, with no love lost there, it would just be easier to have all our characters on one server to share resources and be able to group up for dungeon runs and what-not. I would move my Paladin Girl and my Druid Girl (the one with the Totally Rockin' Mammoth Ride) back to our original server.

Yes. USD $50 for both.

userinfoThe Husband Guy would move his almost level 80 Druid back to our server as well. And we'd foot the bill to move his Cousin Dude's Shammy.

Yes. Another $50.

We're just feeling so bad that we were the ones who inspired him to play again, level his Shaman to 80, then he paid to transfer to my friend's server so that he could play with us. And now we'd be ditching him again. =P

I don't quite know if or when we'd do this yet. We're kinda hesitating because of the money involved and ignoring the guild isn't too hard anyways. And also because my friend was showing signs of playing a bit more in the last little while =P

What would suck the most about moving back is The Husband's second Warlock. He spent all that time levelling another Affliction Warlock to 80 *wince* He really doesn't need another one on our server. You can only have 10 characters on one server and he's already making plans to delete one so that he can create a Goblin once Cataclysm comes out. They may raise the per server character slot max, but I'm not sure if that's a certainty yet.

There's no easy way to give Warlock #2 to me. Transferring ownership of characters is against the WoW Terms of Use and there are no signs of Blizzard making exceptions for spouses or family. Except maybe the Family Account concept, but that isn't quite the same thing. That was more for subscription discounts. There's no telling if they would allow character transfers between accounts in the same Family Account group anyway. And that suggestion doesn't even have a blue post (Official Blizzard Admin Response), I don't think.

I don't think there'd be any way to petition Blizzard to let us do that... The only possible legal way we could do it would be to have him create another Battle.Net account under his own name. Then he could transfer the Warlock #2 from His Account 'A' to His Account 'B'. That way, if I wanted to play the Warlock #2, he could be logged in to His Account 'A' while I'm logged in to His Account 'B'.

But we'd be maintaining a third on-going Battle.Net subscription which, of course, we would have to purchase a security authenticator for. We'd have to pay for the character transfer from His Account 'A' to His Account 'B' ($25). We'd also have to pay for the Realm Transfer from my friend's server to our server ($25). And that's without any other changes to pay for, like name change, gender and race change.

*shrug* At this point, it's looking cheaper and easier if I levelled my own Warlock. Mine is already level 42. I stopped because I'm at that weird level range when the blueberry can't quite keep aggro on the mobs. So, I get pretty hurt killing stuff because I'm really squishy.

Thinking back, I wanted to buy a pre-levelled 80 Hunter at one point. And I ended up levelling my own. I'm glad I didn't just buy it now because I quite enjoyed levelling the Hunter. I may yet finish levelling my Warlock one day.

But I'm having too much fun levelling a Rogue Girl at the moment. The cute sneaky is level 30 now and lots of fun to play. I can't wait until I get Fan of Knives. =)

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