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Goodbye, Little Guy

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We had userinfoSid cremated this morning at Blueridge-Cove Animal Hospital in North Vancouver, BC. They were wonderful to us.

Sid was in a small paper box and they put the whole box into the furnace. It took an hour and a bit for the process to fully finish. There was no where to sit and it was drizzling, so we left and went back afterwards. His ashes were put in a small plastic bag, tied with gold ribbon and put in a box stuffed with gold tissue, like a Christmas gift. That was really sweet of them. =)

I'd been reading about cremated pet remains. I know that with cats and dogs, you get bits of bone, teeth and sometimes part of the items that go in with the animal (the blanket, collar, etc.). Cockatiels will fully disintegrate, but I wasn't surprised to see chunks of pebbles from the inside of the furnace in there as well. I sifted the remains to filter out the big pieces and put the finer ashes into his little urn. I spread a bit of glue on the stopper and slid it in.

The little urn that I had custom made for Sid is 2.5" high by 2" wide. It's now a pendant on a black velvet cord around my neck. It's smokey grey with orange/yellow flowers and white vines; those were his colours. It only holds about a teaspoon of ashes. There was a lot of the ashes still left over, so the rest of it went into the garden.

I'm glad I sort of had plans for Sid. It did make everything easier.

... goodbye, little guy.

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