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Three weeks ago, after six years at the now Ex-Work, I started a new job. Previously, at Ex-Work, the mission-critical thing was dealing with other peoples' money. With the current Work, my new mission-critical thing is dealing with other peoples' lives.

It really puts life in a whole new perspective.

But Work now involves a significantly longer commute. I have a half hour bus ride and then a 35-40 minute skytrain ride. Kinda brutal compared to the half hour bus ride previously. But I've been making the most of the time reading and listening to books.

I have a Kindle Keyboard (which used to be called the Kindle 3). I named it Pantalaimon because that's exactly what it is to me. It's my Pantalaimon. Almost right down to the kind of sick feeling when it's not with me. I'd left it at home one day and my stomach actually felt a bit knotted/queasy. =)

I have more books than I've ever owned in my life. I love finding and collecting books almost as much as I love reading. The Kindle is great for leisure reading, but terrible for reference type documentation. And terrible for reading PDFs.

I also find it's not ideal for audiobooks in every situation. It's okay for audiobooks in some ways, but awful in other ways. Audiobook tracks come in variable lengths. Some have a lot of 2-3 minute tracks and I have to manually advance to every track. This is done by going back to the menu, navigating one down, opening it and hitting play. So much Nope.

Some have hour-long or even longer tracks. These ones are less of a pain to advance through, but if I pause in the middle, the Kindle loses its place within the track if the screensaver kicks in and it will pop itself back to the beginning of the track you were in the middle of. And you can't quickly skip to a certain time in the track. There is an Advance button, but advances by 30 seconds per button click. Which is some kind of not-wonderful for an hour long track.

I also tend to read/listen before bed and fall asleep. It's even more not-wonderful to fall asleep somewhere in the middle of an hour long track and not know where. This is when the zillions of tiny tracks works better.

I use a cheap little MP3 player for the skytrain ride now. I got it in 2001, so it's only 500M and VERY bare bones in functionality. But it does exactly what I want it to do. It auto-advances for me and can restart at exactly the place I left off. And I use the Kindle for text reading and stuff I can fall asleep to.

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