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Holy tap-dancing Christ on a pogo stick, it's been a really long time.

What can I say?

Most days, I dream of semi-solitude and smaller and smaller quarters. The Husband is the only thing that's keeping me from using my closet as "my bedroom" and using the rest of my bedroom as a small parlour.

As much as I really wanted to work in the Healthcare industry, in and around surgery, I realized that it was the wrong job for me. Right subject matter, wrong responsibilities. It was painful facing up to the fact that I messed up and extract myself from the situation. I loved the people and leaving them made me feel like I'd kicked a puppy. But I've been back in Software and have been at this current job for over a year now.

userinfoThe Husband Guy has been living the life of an indie app developer. At least one of us should love what they do... =)

Penny Arcade Expo is no longer our Set-In-Stone annual vacation anymore. Ever since the tickets were sold out within the first 45 minutes. We had entertained the thought of going to Boston for PAX East, but that's a bigger commitment for us.

The Hobby of the Year 2012 was Nail Art. Here's my album of Nail Art Experiments. =)

The Hobby of the Year 2013 is Fountain Pens. I have discovered my inner Parker 51 nut. My fountain pen collection photos are a bit outdated. I didn't have my TWSBI Diamond 580 when I took those photos and I have a few more now. Along with the Hobby of the Year is stationery because you can't really get into Fountain Pens without getting into notebooks with quality paper and fountain pen ink. I'm trying to control myself with the inks. But I have a feeling once I start trying inks, there'd be no turning back.

I played a bit of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Then cancelled my subscription when I got to level 90. I might re-subscribe to see the next expansion. But I've been more and more casual, to the point of not really playing for weeks. I still like the books and I want to follow the lore though. I haven't gotten into any other game.

I still always have a book or two going. I still use my Kindle for bedtime reading (Vol'jin: Shadows of the Horde). And I love having an audiobook for my twice daily bus trips to and from work (two thirds of the way through A Dance With Dragons). I'm now finding it a little embarrassing that I had no idea who grrm was when I started commenting in his LJ way back. He popped up on my FriendsFriends and, thinking nothing of it, I'd reply thinking someone on my friends list actually knew him. I didn't make the connection until quite recently. =\


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