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Money Woes

I have insanely little money left in my bank account. I wouldn't be in this mess if I didn't spend everything on the big huge Horse'N'Pony Show that was my wedding. I still have the Baby's money, but it's not mine, I'm not touching that. It's the gift cash we got from the wedding. Husband Guy and I decided that it would go towards our first child... whenever that might be. =P

Actually _I_ decided that. Husband Guy said I should just keep it for myself because I spent the most on the wedding and I did most of the work. The only reason the Baby's money is in my account is because Husband Guy hasn't had time to come with me to open a joint bank account yet. I wasn't going to have a big wad of cash laying around the house, especially with untrustworthy people around. I'm just going to keep the balance above the amount that belongs to the Baby. And if I find I can't do that, I'll open another account for it. Huh, kidlet's not even conceived and it has more money than I do.

I took some time today to do up some bank account usage stats today, just to see if I could bump myself into a less expensive service package with my bank. On average, I really don't do much in the way of debit transactions. But the last few months haven't really been representative of my financial activities though.

I have to write a cheque for my half of the Husband Guy/Wife Girl monthly household contribution. There's also my RRSP, gas, our parking fees, my cell phone, my parents' cell phone that I'm paying for - because I offered back when I was employed and I won't re-neg on my promise, that's why...

Oh yeah, and there are those annual things like car insurance, maintenance and stupid surprises that cars like to spring on you - Champagne (yes, my car has a name) hasn't been too bad so far, but she's 11 years old already. Starting February, we're taking on half of the house's Property Tax - and to quote Wil Wheaton, that's hella money. Hella. Hella. Hella. And I'm supposed to start saving up my half now.

But, I was thinking about all this because I'm very close to the upper limits of one of the lower priced service packages. It's quite a bit less than my current one - of course, mine is a better deal, but the cost is still higher. If all goes well and I don't spend too much, that would be all I need. I'm just afraid that if, for any reason, I have a few more debit transactions one month, the cost of debits beyond your limit is hideous.

Update 1: Okay, I just fired off the request to my bank's Online Staffers to switch my service package to the one just below my current one. This means I can't spend as much money. And, y'know, that's just fine with me right now.

Update 2: I forgot. I called the Employment Insurance tards at Human Resources Canada this morning and asked about my dumb claim. They're in a labour dispute (like, when are they NOT?) and they're boycotting overtime. Like they worked any overtime to begin with and even if they did, they get paid triple their hourly rate. So, everything is taking ten times as long. At least I've done everything right, all my papers are in, I've coloured in all the right boxes, inside the lines. >={

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