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Goodbye Mandrake

So, I finally got around to blasting Mandrake and re-installing RedHat. There might have been something wrong with our RedHat 7.1 because after I picked everything I wanted and went to install, it said it couldn't do anything suggesting that I didn't have enough disk space. Yeah, 6 Gigs isn't enough. Whatever.

So, I installed 7.0 back and tried to do an Upgrade. Same deal. Blargh. I gave up and decided that I can live with 7.0 for now.

Hee, so after great befuddlement when the Apache instructions made no sense, straight from Step 1, I scrubbed Apache to start over from scratch. Xinit laughed and told me to do that when I told him what happened =D

So now, I'm merrily ./configuring and ./make-ing along.

Yes, I'm listening to REALLY OLD music.


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