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Yeah, I Rule

Well, I gave up on MySQL for the moment. So, in that sense, I suck... I remembered that there were port things that I don't quite understand, so I'm going to ask My Favorite Mike sometime this week to help me. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean that I actually _like_ Mike, really =) It's just that out of all the Mike's in the world, there's a subset of them that I know personally. And out of all the ones I know, he's my favorite one =)

But I rule because I've cleaned up my work desk considerably. I started stacking stuff on top of my monitor, but the monitor needs breathing room, so my stuff started getting quite hot =P

I have all these little booklets and day planners that are about 5x7" or so. I have scotch tape, liquidpaper, post-it notes, small glue-sticks, paper clips, gum and just little things like that all over. I don't have drawers. All we have for work desks are brown fold-up picnic tables. At one end is my monitor taking up about 1/3. The rest of the table is a breeding ground for crap. And it breeds fast.

I made some shelves out of empty CD-R boxes and my wedding shoe box. =) The CD-R boxes are holding various little things that grow on desks. My wedding shoe box has become a small bookshelf - it works because my wedding shoes were 3" heels and big heeled shoes always come in extra wide shoeboxes.

And it's a Scalable Solution - *ack* did I just say that? =) When we finish with more of the CD-R boxes, I can easily attach more empty boxes to the shelves I have now to expand it.

*teehee* I rule.


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