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Linux Box - Heretic

By Tuesday evening, I had everything running. It was just down to minor things: we needed to insert a trailing "/" in order for Apache to interpret a directory name properly in the URL; I didn't want Apache to give a full list of files if there was no index file in the directory. These were just httpd.conf tweaks.

I was having problems with MySQL. I followed the RPM instructions, but when I went to try logging into the database as the MySQL root user for the first time, it gave me "access denied for root@localhost" which means I had the wrong password. But it said that it would ask you to set the root password the first time. After a bit of hunting, I found out how to do it.

We haven't made any headway on figuring out why RedHat 7.1 won't install on Heretic. The theory now is old wacky BIOS. *shrug*

Today I made the beginnings of the website. It's only going to be an intranet site, so probably no access from outside.


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