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Linux Box - Heretic

By Tuesday evening, I had everything running. It was just down to minor things: we needed to insert a trailing "/" in order for Apache to interpret a directory name properly in the URL; I didn't want Apache to give a full list of files if there was no index file in the directory. These were just httpd.conf tweaks.

I was having problems with MySQL. I followed the RPM instructions, but when I went to try logging into the database as the MySQL root user for the first time, it gave me "access denied for root@localhost" which means I had the wrong password. But it said that it would ask you to set the root password the first time. After a bit of hunting, I found out how to do it.

We haven't made any headway on figuring out why RedHat 7.1 won't install on Heretic. The theory now is old wacky BIOS. *shrug*

Today I made the beginnings of the website. It's only going to be an intranet site, so probably no access from outside.


Sep. 6th, 2001 12:03 am (UTC)
Re: Work?
It's our network at home =) A buddy of mine convinced me to stop worrying and do some of the things I've wanted to, because once I start working, I'll be too busy and I'll regret not using the free time... =P

But, I'm still jobless. =P I was supposed to hear back from someone by now, but it's been a long weekend, I figured I would give them some time before I bugged them again.
Sep. 6th, 2001 12:08 am (UTC)
Re: Work?
Ahh. Plus working on a project at home keeps the skills fresh or builds new ones.

What isthe purpose to which you are bending the will of Apache & MySQL?

Sep. 6th, 2001 12:27 am (UTC)
Re: Work?
I wrote my own "Online Journal" app. while I was working at my last job. It was done in the Apache, MySQL, PHP combo. =)

I've taken to writing work logs because I noticed that I was really on my own (no manager or supervisor working with me to make sure I was on track). So, I guess I'm just paranoid that come performance review time, they could say that I didn't do much.

LiveJournal was great for a personal journal, but I wouldn't keep work things on a third party site, even if I could make it "Private". Not so much that Brad, Alan, Evan, et al. would snoop (though that _is_ a small part of it), but if anything goes wrong between my employer and I, I'd feel like shit if they were subpoena'ed or hassled by the Canadian courts.

And I also wanted to be able to sort my entries by topic or date or some sane thing like that.

I wanted to be able to do a keyword search on the journal entries (give me all the entries where I mention I was working on Module X).

I wanted to have an integrated To-Do List - make "Tasks" and the Progress of those Tasks will be my journal entries.

But mostly, I wanted it so that if I fell off the face of the Earth tomorrow, the rest of the development team would know what I did, what I was doing, what I was planning to do, what direction I was headed in, etc.

And they're using my work log as documentation right now =) I have my source code and I'm going to work on adding features.

I would have LOVED to work on LJ, but I can't afford to do it on a volunteer basis. If I get a job offer tomorrow, I'd have to put LJ aside. I won't do that.


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