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Last Leisurely Morning Coffee and Paper

I was actually in Yaletown at 8:00am, but I didn't have security passes or anything and I doubted that anyone came in that early. I hung out at Blenz until 8:45am, read the paper and then walked over. I was reading the paper about the dismal state of British Columbia's public education system as evidenced by the fact that everyone is enrolling their children in independent schools. The Liberal government plans to do surveys and get parents more involved.

I have no confidence in teachers in North America. My mother was an Elementary and Highschool teacher for over 10 years in China where the class sizes are over 60. Not only did my mother keep discipline in a class of 60+ and not only did she know every single student personally, their strengths, weaknesses, talents, fears, hopes and dreams, but my mother knew all her students' PARENTS personally. Every major city we visit in China MUST include visits to several families who knew my mother because she taught them in school. Mom has brought her teaching methods to Chinese schools here in Vancouver and is one of the most respected teachers.

Teachers in North America can't be bothered to tell the difference between their ass and their elbow. They can't keep discipline in a class of 20. And Substitutes are even more useless.


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Sep. 29th, 2001 05:56 am (UTC)
School teachers
Speaking as a person who comes from a large family of public school teachers, the public schools in Wisconsin do not allow the teachers to sternly discipline the students.

Any discipline they mete out is scrutinized a thousand times to parents, other teachers, principals, and even school boards if it is taken far enough. In the end the teacher is made to look like the bad guy and told they are not to be so harsh the next time. This is so that the "tender" egos of the little brats are not bruised. Unfortunately many of the private schools are becoming almost as bad.

While I do not advocate physical punishment, I do think that basic respect is not too much to demand. It is the respect that is lacking on all sides and that is why we do not have good discipline in Wisconsin schools.

Not sure if Canadian schools are like this though......
Sep. 29th, 2001 05:49 pm (UTC)
Re: School teachers
I agree it's a lack of respect and communication on all sides.

I've never seen "too harsh" punishments before, but then, I tend to be a strict person to begin with - my parents don't understand how that happened; they weren't Nazis by a long shot.

The only thing I've ever seen is not enough appropriate and consistent punishment as well as a lack of positive reinforcement. Here, they just plain don't care. They only care a tad more if the parents are always in their faces talking about the child's progress. I guess they feel a little obligation/pressure/accountability that way.
Sep. 30th, 2001 01:51 pm (UTC)
Re: School teachers
I agree that there are teachers who do not care, but in the case of my family, all care but just do not have the support of many of the parents.

One parent even told my sister that he had raised his kid for the first five years and now that she was in kindergarten, it was the school and teacher's job to do the disciplining and teaching and to not bother him anymore when she caused problems!

Luckily, most parents are not that bad, but one of my sister's taught in an inner city school for 4 years where parental support was lacking.

I just wish all school children had the support of their parents like I did and I htink my children did.

Teachers have had to don so many hats in the last decade or so. Now they are not only teachers but parents, mentors, confidantes, and sometimes the only friend a kid has. It is all just so sad.

And so many wonder why there is so much home schooling going on now!
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