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Star Trek: Enterprise - First Thoughts

I've finally gotten around to watching "Broken Bow" (I pronounce it like "bough" and not "bo" because I think it's supposed to mean the "bow" of a ship). I saw "Fight or Flight" last night.

It's very weak. Two episodes are not nearly enough to draw stats from, so my attitude is still very "wait and see".

However, I'm not impressed by the fact that, so far, Berman/Braga are making it look like "humans have something to teach the rest of the universe". As young and inexperienced as the Pakleds were in TNG, humans should be the ones doing the learning. And learning some really hard lessons in the ST:Ent timeframe, considering that within a few centuries they go on to lead the United Federation of Planets.

There's room for serious drama. There's got to be major tragedy, triumph and evolutionary thinking and feeling over the seasons. Almost every episode should rock the audience with emotion.

I want to see the serious shit that MUST happen that leads to The Prime Directive - humans are NOT innately a "non-interference" race; it's in their nature to stick their nose in EVERYTHING whether it belongs or not. To deter innate behaviour in humans generally involves some form of pain.

I want to see them earn their technology; earn their brilliance; and earn their Universal respect.

I've heard someone say that ST:Ent is supposed to be darker and less utopic that the other series. I really hope so. I'm hoping that these first few episodes are just The Calm Before The Storm deal. I really hope Berman/Braga don't mess it up by making it too pansy and happy-happy-joy-joy every single episode.

Yes, I single-handedly count as A Tough Audience.

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