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Grandma got a Cockatiel

We have a baby cockatiel (two months old). He's mostly white with a bit of yellow, a yellow tuft of feathers on his head and bright orange clown spots on both cheeks. I don't think he officially has a name yet... although, I think my MIL has been calling him Guai-Guai (meaning "well-behaved"; "obedient"; "darling").

We need to get him a new cage. The one he's in right now is from eons ago when Grandma had the other cockatiel. It's all old and kinda rusty... which worries me because he holds onto the cage with his beak when he's climbing around. I also noticed that he's licking the cage... =P

His wings are still not clipped, so he can't be let out to run around yet. He's also still afraid of people, so we wouldn't want him freaking and flying all over to get away from us. I took some pictures, so I should be able to post some soon.

Of course, this roll of 36 exposure has been in my camera for a long time now (like over a year), so I don't know if the pictures will still turn out...

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