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That will be the title of my biography and it will read like a Chinese soap. =)

There's a very fine line between "Diplomat" and "Liar". Sometimes it's hard to tell which is which.

T did a little act for the Grandparents' benefit yesterday to show that she was trying to talk it over like a civilized adult (as opposed to throwing a tantrum like a snot-nosed brat child on Sunday). She just cares about her in-laws (our Grandparents) and doesn't want to see them hurt.

Diplomat or liar?

I told T that I didn't hate her (after all, we're family). We just don't always agree on the methods all the time. But I'm glad she's being reasonable now (I did emphasize the "now", just to put the frost into the message that she was being a complete ass).

Diplomat or liar?

And this will be what it's all about. It's a game. There's an old Chinese proverb that goes something like, "Give the guy a ladder". It's refering to an Beijing Opera setting where a performer is doing really really badly. A stagehand would put a ladder at the edge of the stage so that they could walk off.

The proverb means, if someone is making a complete fool of themselves in front of a group of people, then as their opponent, instead of berating them for it, you're a better person for helping diffuse the tension.

This makes me come out ahead of T.

Honestly, though, I don't believe a word she's saying. I believe she's covering up for the fact that she tried to bully Husband Guy ("nice guy" plus "busy" equals "target"), but we wouldn't fall for it.

When Grandma refused payment from her daughter for something else, she wasn't this adamant that her daughter pay for it. K convinced Grandma to take the payment, but T didn't say much.

I believe she has a larger agenda. I don't trust her. But I won't give her the opportunity to put any blame on my head.


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