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Me and My War Paint

I've been sort of interested in make-up of late. I went from totally Plain Jane Geek to Just Bringing Out the Eyes A Little to I Really Should Figure Out My Colours In Case I Have An Important Party To Go To Like My Wedding, in the last year.

I mostly concentrate on my eyes because that's about all I have going for me. I now have co-dependency issues with dark eyeliner. =)

Eyeshadows are a more recent experiment. I've figured out that I can only wear dark coloured eyeshadows because of my Asian skin tones. Light colours make me look like a freak...or maybe it's just the way the lady used the silver eyeshadow on my wedding day, I thought I looked like a freak. I didn't argue, though, because when we were doing our engagement photos in Taiwan, the makeup artist used a very light and bright pink. She told me that I shouldn't go too heavy on dark liners because my eyes were so big, it would make me look mean. Mind you, the pink was a matte and the silver I had on my wedding day was a frost... that might have made all the difference...

@set me no-clue

I made an appointment at The Body Shop once for those free trial makeovers. They used "oatmeal beige" on the inner half of my lid (closest to the bridge of my nose), then a dark brown in a 'C' shape on the outer half of the lid. Well, more accurately, it's a "subset" symbol because it's more like a sideways 'U' and it's facing different directions on either side.

There must be something wrong with how I remembered it because it looked okay when the lady did it, but I thought it made me look a Serious Vampire Girl when I did it myself. Or maybe it's because the 'V' shape creates the "almond eyes" look in people whose eyes are rounder. But I have almond eyes already, so it just intensified it too much and created an evil look instead.

I went back to just a thin line of coffee-ish brown along the length of my upper lid, following the edge. Not straying much further than that and not ever straying on the colour either.

I guess I've been in an experimental mood lately because I've been thinking about trying other dark colours - dark plum, sage, deep indigos. I want to head over to London Drugs one evening after work and pick up an Olay duo shadow thing.


Oct. 10th, 2001 05:49 pm (UTC)
okay, quickie eye make-up lesson.

personally, i do my eyes this way (yes, i have almond eyes with a slight fold). i will put a base color on (this usually is a lightest color), a medium color on the lower lid (in a wedge shape, starting small at the inner corners and gradually moving it higher towards the end-- but this doesn't look like a wedge! i blend like crazy). and then i finally will stroke on a line of the darkest shade along the lashline. i rarely wear eyeliner anymore since i believe in good make-up brushes. sometimes i put on some mascara, sometimes i don't. i'm blessed with good eyelashes.

brown eyes can wear any color except for the exact shade of brown of your eyes. however, i have found pinks/reds/oranges look horrid b/c they make me look wild rabbit-eyed.

i do wear blue, green, purple and neutral colors. it just depends on how i want to go.
if i do the silver thing, i will wear black eye liner and mascara. the thing about light colors is you do need mascara.

i do dabble in blush, lipstick/lip gloss but have given up on foundation since i prefer just a little powder these days.
Oct. 10th, 2001 06:01 pm (UTC)
I knew you'd bite =) =)
Thanks for the advice =D
Oct. 10th, 2001 06:10 pm (UTC)
The Makeup Diva says:
> Don't get too close to the crease or to your brow bone

She's caucasian, isn't she?
Oct. 10th, 2001 06:20 pm (UTC)
Re: Eeehhhhh....
Yep, she is. But generally she's pretty good about stuff. The makeup lessons I've found for Asians tend to be for those without folds. Which, I don't fall into.

You can't really tell from my user pics but I think for me, lipstick stands out more than my eyes. Although, most of my asian friends want me to do their eye makeup when we go out. problem is, most don't have my eye shape. Still, I have found the fastest thing to enhance my eyes is to use a somewhat shimmery fat eye pencil in as a liner- that's it. i use the latte one from garden botanika. but it looks like they're only selling one called pebble in that shade. prolly works just the same. I might then also throw some light shimmery eyeshadow all over it too but hey, whatever you want to do is great. i love playing with makeup.


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