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I just received my LJ t-shirt!!!

The Women's Cut size S is a bit snug on me and I'm pretty small. I'm 5'2" and Boss-Friend says I'm an average-to-slim girl build. It's still okay though.

The shirt, on the whole, is very nice. The logo is very nicely silk screened onto it. I've always liked the LJ logo, but it also silk screens well. Not all images work well that way - if there's too much logo and not enough background, you get a frickin' bib.

This logo would make a KICK ASS t-shirt if it were shrunken down and embroidered in the breast pocket area. It wouldn't be too expensive to do because it wouldn't translate to many stitches.

The shirt, itself, not the best quality cotton t-shirt though - it's fairly thin. For the cotton knit snobs, I'd say it's about a 5oz. knit, possibly even less than that...

But it's a cool thing to have. I'm very happy with it *teehee* =)

The package is marked "Gift" and signed by "MSF"(? I can make out the 'M' clearly and then it quickly disintegrates into a scribble)...

Thank you, MSF... =)


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