The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Star Trek: Enterprise Nightmare

I had a bizarre dream this morning. I'd forgotten all about it during the day. It's like a Star Trek fantasy version of what happened to me in February 1999 when I was almost robbed at knife-point in my garage.

I dreamed that I was Hoshi Sato on Star Trek Enterprise. I had gone to Osaka III, a planet completely colonized by the Japanese. I was at a museum, library, university or learning centre of some kind because there were artifact displays as well as classrooms. The owner and curator was a Japanese woman in traditional theatrical Japanese garb (she was wearing a black wig, white foundation, kimono and the whole nine yards). I don't know what I was getting or why it was so important. I thought I was just retrieving Linguistics research material, I had a heavy stack of papers in my arms. As I was leaving the front entrance, heading back to my runabout, a 7+ foot Klingon came bursting through the main garden gate which was a good ways away (1.5 to 2 city blocks, I'd estimate). But he saw me and headed straight for me.

The Japanese woman motioned me back into the building and led me into a hallway that twisted away from the main corridor. I nearly dropped the stack of papers several times as I ran after her. The Klingon was much faster and gained on us quickly. Well, it's not like the Japanese woman could run very fast with what she was wearing and the Klingon would have had a huge stride anyway. I somehow wasn't going to let go of the papers I was holding. We ended up in what looked like a highschool/university classroom with columns of desks facing a green chalkboard. There were a few people studying.

The Klingon was at the doorway of the classroom. I reached for my communicator unit and hailed the Enterprise.

I yelled, "Scott! Get me outa here!!" - yeah, in my dream the Captain was Scott Archer. And I don't know why he was operating the transporter instead of Reed or Mayweather.

"We're trying to get a transporter lock on you", says Scott.

"NOOO!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!", I yell in Klingon.

The Klingon walked towards me down one of the desk aisles. "Scott, HURRY UP!!"

The Klingon kept walking and took out his pain stick. "SCOOOOOTTTT!!!!!"

The Klingon held his pain stick _right_over_me_. I took one more step back and felt myself freeze. I saw everything around me go shimmery (the transporter) and progressively more blurry, then shimmering clearer again. I was on the transporter pad.

Then, I somehow switched to the Klingon's point of view. He got really hopping mad and growled some Klingon obscenity. He spun around to leave, but not before punching a great big hole in the green chalkboard as he left. I didn't get the feeling he would hurt anyone at the University. He was only out to get me.

Tags: dreamscape

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