The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Yet Another "I Love My Company" Entry


Okay, I know this is getting old =)

I'm being fed and paid today. Again. These people amaze me! We have occasional Lunch'N'Learns where all the company is invited, some form of Mid-Day Sustenance is provided and someone gives a 1 hour presentation on a topic of their specialty that they think the rest of us would be interested in.

It's usually related to work, although I don't think it has to be. Someone joked about making me do a Lunch'N'Learn on my first day... I was like, ummm... maybe I can show everyone how to do origami. =D

Anyway, today's topic is Dissecting and Picking Apart the PDF Format In Hopes of One Day Deriving Principles on which Heisenberg Compensator Technology Will Be Based.

Okay, maybe not the Heisenberg Compensator part. But I still love this company.


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