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My dear girl, what is on your mind? What is in your heart?

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on 8 February 2001 (#54508)
On 27 March 2015
The Bride of the First House

I started an online journal in October 2000 for my wedding, then I found LiveJournal in February 2001 and moved everything over here.

userinfoHusband Guy and I went to see his extended family in Taiwan in January 2001. No one could remember my real name for more than 3 seconds at a stretch, so I was affectionately known as just "The Bride", even though it seemed like everyone and their little sister were getting married that year. The Husband Guy and I were married on July 07, 2001. The family now refers to me by the appropriate Chinese familial titles, but I'm still commonly known as "The Bride". =)

My husband is the eldest son of the eldest son. I am the Bride of the First House.

I now use this journal mostly for
  • bragging about My Husband Guy.
  • cockatiels (namely, my two: Skippy and Sid; and Guai-Guai, the one that flew away).
  • Chinese poetry and philosophy.
  • classical music and classical opera.
  • languages and linguistics. I am a polyglot and a linguaphile, but not a linguist.
  • introspection and personality exploration.
  • random nerdy stuff.
... and other miscellaneous brain lint. I occasionally post Chinese and other foreign languages.

This is mostly an open and public journal. I try to stay upbeat here and not post a lot of angst or very private things, even in Friends Only entries. Rest assured, I am quite human (alas and alack); I have dark recesses in my heart where hurt, anger, suffering and imperfections lie. But, as candid as I can be about my feelings and my life, I have a responsibility to conduct myself in a dignified and respectable manner. It is inappropriate and unfair to inflict negativity on people I call Friends. For this reason, you'll see very few Friends Only posts.

Please, do point out my spelling and grammatical errors where you perceive there is an error. I always appreciate that because I proofread manually. I never use spelling/grammar checkers because they don't work the way I want them to.

On LJ friending.

No one is important enough to make statements about anyone else's worth by managing their own journalspace.

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